Citizen Planning Committee


The Citizen Planning Committee meeting will be held in conjunction with a City Council Goals Setting Workshop at 6:00 p.m., Thursday, April 20, at City

Hall. Everyone is welcome to attend and offer ideas, thoughts and suggestions on what goals the City should plan on over the next 5 years!


The Citizen Planning Committee was created as an Advisory Committee to the

City Council. It is comprised of citizens and 2 City Council members. Currently

the Committee is working on the property located at the corner of Sodaville Road

and Main Street. It has been designated as a new Park per the Committee's

recommendation and with City Council approval. The Citizen Committee is

charged with deciding the park's overall design and uses. The name of the new

park is now :

​Soda Springs Community Center Park

Future projects will include what to do with the Old Shell/Store building located

on the property and how to accomplish that. 

If you are interested in joining this Committee or have any questions or

suggestions on a project, please contact City Hall 

Park Clean Up

The City Council and


would like to express their

appreciation and a big

thank you to those that

participated at the Park

Clean Up Day!

Brian Lewis, John Mullenix,

Mayor Suzie, Gilbert & Logan Hibbert,

Cheryl Lewis and Stan Smith.